Some of the most exciting few days of the NFL off-season are upon us, as big name free agents are either resigning with their teams, or leaving for greener pastures elsewhere. For the past few days, it has been a quarterback, Peyton Manning, who has been on the front page of the websites. However, today was all about the players that Manning and others throw to: the wide receivers.

As I woke up this morning, I saw the surprising news that my Saints had resigned Marques Colston to a 5 year deal.  I had mixed feelings about this. I thought the Saints should have spent that money on Carl Nicks, who was an all-pro guard last year. As much as I like Colston, there are plently great wide outs in the NFL. Great guards are harder to come by. Having said that, I am fully onboard with this move if it was done to please Drew Brees and to convince him to resign. Because obviously, he is the prize free agent.

The next move was one that really surprised me, as I had not heard any whispers of such a trade being made. The Bears traded two 3rd round picks for Brandon Marshall, which is a steal if you ask me, as the Bears have been searching for over a decade for a pro bowl wide out. Now, they got their guy, and more importantly, he’s back with Jay Cutler, who was the quarterback during Marshall’s prime years in Denver. I think he will be a great fit for this team.  On the other side, the Dolphins get rid of one of the biggest chess pieces they were using to reel Manning in.  What soon followed would make this move even more of a head scratcher: Reggie Wayne resigning in Indy.

It was widely assumed that Wayne was a package deal with Manning, given one lucky team the gift of one of the best quarterback-wide receiver combos in the 2000’s. However, Wayne bucked that trend by coming back to the Colts, meaning that Andrew Luck will have a huge weapon coming back.  What this leaves me wondering is, where does this leave Peyton? Many thought, and I hoped, that the two would go to Arizona to team up with Larry Fitzgerald. Miami was also formerly an option, with the aforementioned Marshall.  It seems as though the Broncos are in the lead now, with another team getting swept up in Tebowmania.

The last news of the day is the signing of Vincent Jackson to Tampa Bay. Many thought that V-jax was going to the Bears, but they got their guy in Marshall. Now, he signs a $55 million dollar deal with a team that outside of a decent young quarterback in Josh Freeman, has little going for it. Its a solid move for the Bucs, but in their tough division, they will need alot more to be contenders again.

There are more moves to be made this week, but these were the ones that caught my eye today. What are your thoughts? Who got the best player today? Let us know in the comments!